Energy Efficiency in Health Care


Energy efficiency is a huge matter for any business but even more so for those in healthcare. Hospitals, surgeries and private clinics are all businesses with employees, expenses and overheads and to run as efficiently as possible unnecessary expenditure has to be cut to maximise profit and sustainability.

Normally if you were talking about cuts in the healthcare sector it would cause concern but cutting energy bills though various means shows that the body in question is on top of all areas of their business and allows more focus on the primary objective of healthcare.

There are several ways to improve energy efficiency that might involve an initial cost but will be a benefit in the long term running of the hospital or facility.

First there should be a complete review of all operational systems within the facility to monitor which systems require maintenance. This review will also help to pinpoint which systems would require either optimisation or replacing.

As we mentioned, there will be an initial cost to this but will deliver a better long term performance.

NHS facilities always have to work within budget restraints and while we may think of the private health care sector as being flush with money it would be better spent on research and equipment than unnecessary energy expenditure.

London’s LOC are one of the world’s leading private oncology treatment centres who can boast some of the top specialists in different fields including consultant Dr Paul Ross who is widely respected. They have the facilities to focus attention on a number of cancers and help patients with state of the art treatments. Questions like ‘What is Kaposis Sarcoma?’ are answered every day and it is because of their wonderful set up that they are able to perform to such a high level.

Located on London’s famous Harley Street, the LOC go to show that putting the time, money and effort into building a forward thinking infrastructure will benefit you in the long term bring some of the top Oncology experts to practice there.

Replacing entire systems in older facilities can prove to be more problematic but with developments in technology creating systems that can perform to such a high degree the effort can often be worth it for both performance and cost.

In all walks of life energy efficiency should be an important factor from the home to the work place. Energy wastage is not just a waste of money but an environmental issue and as more governments around the world are starting to take notice we are starting to see rule changes that will affect us in different ways. A home energy report is one example of change and if we are slow to act we could end up footing larger bills in the future as local bodies look to stamp down on inefficient business owners.

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