Save Energy Now

Save money on your energy. The easy way

You don’t have to keep checking you’re on the best deal to cut your bills. And we know all these new products can be daunting. So here are five tips to cut down on what you use. And none of them will cost you a penny.

Turn the heat down a bit. And save a lot

Your heating swallows up about two thirds of the energy you use. But by turning the thermostat down by just one degree you could cut 10% off your bill.

Replace the radiator

If your central heating system is old and in need of a repair then it doesn’t help just to replace your boiler and keep the same old inefficient radiators. Think about the rooms where you mostly have the radiator on i.e. the living room and bathroom. It might be worth replacing them with a new ultra efficient aluminium radiator or heated towel rail.

Get out of the bath and into the shower

Hot water is another big chunk of your bill. So instead of a wallow in the bath, have a refreshing shower. It only uses half as much hot water.

Turn the lights off

It’s only a small thing, but remembering to hit the light switch when you leave a room makes a difference. It all adds up.

Ditch the dryer

Nothing gobbles up power like a dryer. So it’s well worth putting the washing on the line or using a clothes horse. If you do have to fire up the dryer, keep an eye on it. No sense in letting it run longer than it has to.

Switch it off. Right off

If your TV, DVD player and PlayStation are on standby they’re still sapping power. And costing you money. So turn them right off when you’re done.

Even more ways to save

We’ve put together 100 suggestions of things you can do which can help make a big difference to your bills. Why not have a look at our guide and see if you can incorporate some of these ideas into your daily routine. Every small action can soon add up to big savings.

Interactive House – Step inside our virtual house and see how you could save

Our Energy Shop – Take a look at the latest products to help you save money on your bills

Other methods to help not only yourself but the world to save energy

One of the biggest myths in the world is that if you buy brand new, that you are buying the best. We disagree with this method, as not only is the energy which needs to be put into manufacturing new furniture a totally waste if there is already manufactured used furniture out there which is available, but you’ll be surprised with the options and vast choice of furniture out there. There is even companies which specialise in second hand furniture such as Gazelle in the UK and  Move Loot in the US. Have a look at Gazelle’s second hand chairs, believe us… You’ll be suprised how nice they are – you’ll save money and the earth doing so!

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