E.ON SmartPlus

Imagine being able to control your home’s appliances – with your smartphone…

…With E.ON SmartPlus you can do just that, right now
Whether you’re at home on your PC, or wherever you are using your smartphone, laptop or tablet, you’ll be in control.

We’ll give you everything you need to get started

We’ll give you smart plugs you can connect your appliances to. This means you can do things like turn a lamp on when you’re out and about, so you don’t come home to a dark house. You’ll just need to make sure the lamp switch is on.

We’ll also install a smart hub. This is a bit like a broadband router. The appliances connected to a smart plug can then ‘talk’ to the smart hub which sends the information to the Smart Portal – the central place where you can monitor and control all your energy use and appliances.

In the Smart Portal, you’ll be able to check how much energy you’re using and get a good idea of what its likely to cost you*. You can also set energy use targets and it’ll help you monitor them. Last but not least, your energy coach will give you hints, tips and advice to help you save even more energy and money. You can access the Smart Portal online from home, or when you’re out and about through your smartphone.

Make managing your energy use easier

With E.ON SmartPlus you can build energy use profiles and then switch from ‘home’ to ‘out’ or ‘night’, to use energy more efficiently throughout your home, literally at the touch of a button. You can also see how your energy use compares to other people’s with similar homes to you.

How much does it cost?

E.ON SmartPlus is available now from just £60 a year (it’s a two year contract**), which includes everything you need to get started – your hub, Smart Portal and smartphone app. We’ll also give you two free smart plugs. Or, you could choose to pay £72 a year and we’ll give you two extra plugs. And if you’d like to link all your appliances to your E.ON SmartPlus system you can buy as many smart plugs as you’d like from our online shop .

To find out more and if E.ON SmartPlus is available in your area, you can drop us an email  with your contact details and the best time to get in touch. We’ll then arrange for one of our advisers to call you back.

The added benefit of smart meters

To benefit from E.ON SmartPlus you’ll need to have a smart meter. We’ll upgrade your meter to one of our new smart meters when we install E.ON SmartPlus, so:

• no need for regular visits from us for meter readings*
• no more estimated bills (unless you move plan or there’s a price change)
• dedicated customer service from our smart meter team.

If you already have a smart meter from us then the good news is, you’ve already taken the first step towards the smart home of the future.

Your smart portal

When you upgrade to E.ON SmartPlus, we’ll install a hub which talks to your smart meter and let you know how you can access your Smart Portal from your PC or laptop. Your Smart Portal is the central place where you can monitor and control your energy use. You can access it online from home or when you’re out and about. Basically anywhere you have internet access. And, you can download the app for your smartphone or tablet from the app store.

Is my home suitable?

To benefit from E.ON SmartPlus, you also need to have a smart meter. Unfortunately, not every home in the country is suitable for a smart meter at the moment which means E.ON SmartPlus is also only available in some areas.

If you’d like to find out if we’re in your area, drop us an email  with your name, address and telephone number and we’ll get back to you.

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