Ways To Save Energy and Money

As we come into the new year it seems that the worst of the winter is yet to come; with the East Coast of America still reeling from storm Jonas unfortunately for us in the UK it is only a matter of time before it crosses the Atlantic and smashes our shores with the same fury.

Any sane person will be fleeing in doors to seek refuge in the dry and warm, however the price we pay for or cozy dry sanctuary is often quite large both in term of the increased cost in our energy bills and in terms of the irreparable damage to the environment that burning fossil fuels for energy creates.

We don’t expect anyone to be wrapping themselves up in 4 duvets and switching off all the lights over the winter, however there are a number of ways you can help save energy and the environment whilst at the same time save yourself a sizable sum in the process.

For starters have a look at your central heating system (boiler, heating controls and radiators) and determine whether or not it could do with an upgrade. Old boilers a far less efficient than new ones and in the long run can end up costing you far more in bills than it would cost to upgrade to a newer model. Also ensure that you have a timer fitted so you can control the time of day that you boiler comes on and so that you are not needlessly heating the house when there is no one home. Ideally on use relevant branded boiler spares to avoid voiding your home or boiler insurance.

Installing thermostatic radiator valves can give you extra control over you heating system by allowing you to control which radiators will come on and at what level meaning you won’t needlessly be heating rooms in your home that no one will be staying in. They are a cheap and effective way to save a small fortune.

Look into getting you home insulated with cavity wall and loft insulation. There is currently a government grant scheme that will provide this for a fraction of the price if not completely free, contact your local authority to see what you could be entitled to. There are also similar schemes available for double glazing however these are far less popular among local authorities.

If you are working within a big project, it would maybe be worth getting your hands on an Inducomm industrial plant, unlike other industrial plants, they tend to be more energy efficient than alot of other brands. Because Intercomm make their systems from scratch- you can ask it to be a size which is suited to your project and property. Get more information at: http://www.inducomm.co.uk/equipment-for-sale/catalogue/complete-plants/

If you are operating a big restaurant, warehouse, factory or anything where you are storing perishables and need to keep a building in a dry and fit condition to meet regulations for any health acts, instead of going out and buying several different types of equipment to do the job, it’s worth investing your money right. Buying a piece of equipment which will take control of the situation- leaving you with free time to worry about the more important factors of owning a business. Sometimes this isn’t the best option for every business due to financial restraints. This happened to me when I tried to purchase a vertical compressed air receiver from British DIY superstore BNQ, although – it was way out of my price range. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t need a tank as big as the one in which they had on offer. Luckily I found Airlines Pneumatics whilst spending days exercising my options. Not only did they have the products at a better price, I could save money by buying a smaller system. Whether it’s air receivers or anything else listed above or not. Always stretch as much time as possible to size up your options before paying over the mark from a high street store.

The internet is just the gift that keeps on giving! Our recent discovery at EON Futurehome is websites which do hard work for you, and, for free! I recently was looking for a plumber to help install my family bathroom. Usually I’d spend a good 3 hours looking through the yellow pages and website listings online, calling up plumbers to get quotes on a job. This time I spent 10 minutes doing what I’d do in 3 hours with the help of the find me a plumber by plumber parts website, they whilst using my location, found me 2 main plumper possibilities. This helped me wheedle my list down to two and I got quotes and picked the best.

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